Angel Nathaniel

In Reflections by Nature Dreamweaver

Reflections from the Quest 1: Star Date 3/10/2020-
Divine Reflections on Aligning with One’s True Nature and Higher Self.

Angel Nathaniel. The avatar signature, impression, and mission now bestowed (and burdened) upon me by the universe has been gestating and cocooning since the Winter Solstice of 2019, but the Energy was gifted and received first in the jungle of Peru. In March of 2016, I was sitting in ceremony with the divine mother and master plant spirit teacher, Ayahuasca. It wasn’t my first ceremony, but it was my first ‘dieta’ or ‘ayahuasca plant diet,’ which is indigenous shipibo originated tradition of eating a light bland unsalted food accompanied by a specific plant prescribed by the shaman to be taken every day and then for 2-3 weeks you drink this along with all night ayahuasca ceremonies every 3rd day. It sounds a lot simpler and like a more mild easy going healing experience than one might think. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things both physically and spiritually that I’ve ever done which also makes it one of the best things that I’ve ever done for myself and others. In this case I was prescribed a rather strong tree that is normally not prescribed to people there first time in the jungle, but my post-analysis of the situation suggests that the shamanists sensed that I was an experienced drinker of ayahuasca, which is true because my first ceremonies were way back in 2003 and 2004. Still this might have been a little presumptuous on their part. Anyway, back to the present moment where I find myself almost 20 years later after my first ceremony starting to finally integrate all that I have experienced in these ceremonies into my day to day life. Sure, it’s an on going never ending process, but putting the story into words as an author ‘Into the Mythica’ shows me that I am finally ready to present myself as a healer to the world. I don’t know anything and I’m not a master, but I have had enough life experience and training to feel confident enough to share my gifts and talents with others in a way that I feel will benefit their healing process dealing with things that I have been healing for 20 plus years. Hence the invocation and initiation into the character, form, persona, and identity of Angel Nathaniel. My birth name means gift and I have always felt in my heart the deep desire to give my energy to this world in a good and loving way. I’ve always want to contribute to the collective healing, but I have first had to heal myself through years of trial, tribulation, error, and ultimately dedicated and committed daily spiritual practice in the forms of either prayer, meditation, yoga, Kundilini yoga, the bowspring method, breathwork, and plant medicine. The alchemy created between all of these is a recipe that needs constant tending to and alignment with. It’s not easy and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it’s rewarding and fulfilling to know that what I am doing is ultimately of benefit and service to others awakening, alignment, growth, healing, and happiness. Then there’s always the love. The love, the love, the love. It always comes back in a circle to the all pervading and powerful force of love that we come to know in many forms and mediums through out space time and lifetimes of experience, practice, and embodiment. This photo represents my best incarnation yet as an Angel embodied to serve all of you in everything you do and everything you are so that you may be free from and free to express your eternal and infinite spirit. From the Quest, blessings and Sat Nam, Angel Nathaniel